Fandom Growth Exchange 2015

Thank you for picking one of my fandoms and pairings.  I hope the information below is helpful.

General likes/dislikes:

Likes:  Snarky characters, h/c, PWP, character studies and psych studies, adventure, women or other characters who are usually in need of rescue turning the tables and being the hero, I'm fine with drunken dub-con/aliens made them do it/sex pollen/the like.

Dislikes: Character death, non-con, a/b/o, genderswap, male or female pregnancy, kid fic, not much on crack fic unless it’s really well done.

Specific fandoms:


Pairing: Hannibal Smith/Amy Allen

Pairing: Hannibal Smith & Amy Allen

Most writers in the A-Team genre pair Amy up with either Face or Murdock with very little interaction between Hannibal and Amy. I’d love to see a “circumstances forced them” fic for Hannibal and Amy or even just a little pre- or post-mission talk between the two of them.

Ideas:    An undercover job that normally Face would take, requires Hannibal do it because the setup is an older man/trophy wife or girlfriend situation.
             Are the two being watch? Do they have to follow their cover? Obviously this is not a love situation, but one of necessity.
my’s views on the team and especially Hannibal. Maybe some insight into his character that only she’s noticed.


Pairing: VH Adderly/Mona Ellerby

Adderly was a fun, we-don’t-take-ourselves-seriously Canadian TV show from the 80s. During the show, it was clear that Mona was interested in Adderly. And there was some serious flirtation on Adderly’s end as well, but the show ended before anything was resolved.

Ideas:   Adderly get the chance to go back to Paris. What does that do to his relationship with Mona?
Straight up PWP with Mona and Adderly. How you get there is up to you.
Adderly is captured and Mona affects a rescue. Adderly is properly grateful.



Pairing: Michael Coldsmith Briggs III & Caitlin O'Shannessy
Pairing: Michael Coldsmith Briggs III/Caitlin O'Shannessy

I realize that many people don't see the appeal, but Michael was one of my first TV crushes and I think that he and Caitlin would get along well.  I know that's a rare ship, and I'm happy enough to see the two together in a platonic relationship or doing something as a side project or even just a conversation.

Ideas:   Michael and Caitlin sitting together and waiting on the return of Airwolf and talking about Dom and String and the jobs they do.

Hawke getting into trouble and Michael and Caitlin working together to come up with a solution

Straight up PWP any way you want to get them there – undercover job, drugged by the bad guys, outside circumstances


Pairing: Marshall Jack Craddock and Constable Clive Bennett

Bordertown was another of those TV shows that ended without a conclusion. The last episode was the culmination of the lover’s triangle between the three main characters – Jack, Clive and Marie. Clive had been shot, Marie was frantic and Jack was going to go out to try for a rescue. The episode hinted that Marie had chosen Clive and Jack was heading out against the bad guys knowing that.

Ideas:   Would love to see an episode tag that explores what is going through Jack’s head. He and Clive are friends but rivals for Marie.
Assuming that Clive survives the siege and Jack makes the rescue, what would the conversation afterwards be like between these two friendly rivals now that Marie has made her choice.

Hopefully, dear writer, I've given you some ideas or perhaps you have one of your own that you'd like to explore. In any event, just have fun writing and don't stress, I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be great!


Still seem to be on my nostalgia kick

Just to date myself, I was teenager during the 80s.  This means I was one of the prime audiences for all the cheesy action tv shows of the mid-80s - A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Hardcastle and McCormick, Probe, Midnight Caller and a whole host of others.

Lately I've been revisiting those shows on Hulu and YouTube.  Some actually have episodes that hold up pretty well.  For the last week or so I've been re-watching Adderly.  It was a late night (like it didn't come on until 10 or 11:00 pm in the US) Canadian tv show about a one-handed spy named Adderly (whose hand got pulped by another agent) who was desperating trying to prove that he was still good enough to be a field agent after he'd been reassigned to a dead-end department called Miscellaneous Affairs

Because the show is so old and obscure, I've only been able to find about five pieces of fanfiction on it.  There were more pieces of fic written in zines during the 80s and 90s, but sadly most of those aren't available electronically.

There will be fanfic in the future about Adderly, especially an Adderly/Mona piece because I only have 3 episodes left to watch in its 44 episode 2-season run and after it's finished I'm going to be sad.  I'm going to need a bit of mindless fic fluff to transition me into my next 80s tv show.  I have the oddest urge to go the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe route.
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More rambling

Does anyone still use livejournal? Or has it all moved over to tumbr? Either way, I’m staying here because I just can’t do something new. I’m old and lazy and curmudgeon-y.

So, this follow up ramble is actually in relation to a ramble I did just as I was finishing “Pet Project” – and doesn’t that feel like it was done a thousand years ago? But in the ramble I mentioned that I was struck with the urge to write Airwolf fic. I know, a good portion of you guys have never heard of Airwolf or quite possibly were never even old enough to watch it back in the day. That’s okay. It was fond memories from my early teenage years and one of my first TV crushes. Of course, I did not go for the younger, handsome, shirtless-in-the-first-episode star of the show. No, I went for the smooth-talking older gentleman in the white suit and eye-patch.

So I wrote a story, well two stories. Technically, I co-wrote one story called “Common Ground” with a wonderful writer named Deb. She can be found here if you are interested:   The second story was an Airwolf gift fic for Deb for all her hard work in helping me co-write “Common Ground.” The gift fic is called “Fatal Flaws.” Fatal Flaws is pure, unadulterated smut, with no redeeming value, although it was fun to write. “Common Ground” actually has a plot and a subplot along with the smut.

I think that’s it. I was bored and felt the need to share. J


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Bored now . . .

Pet Project is finished. It's taken up my time and held a spot in the back of my head for eight long years. When I was bored at work, or stuck in a meeting, or jsut didn't want to pay attention, the story was always there. I could look at someone and smile and all the time Hermione and Snape were nattering on in the back of my head. Granted, that kind of makes me sound like I'm crazy, but it entertaining.

I was looking at the older (abandoned) fics that I have. I don't think I could pick up the Avatar one, but the Naruto one has promise. I've scanned through some of the Kakashi/Sakura fics on FFN and the plot that I had back in the day doesn't look like it's been done so it would still be mariginally original. Only problem, I'm so out of step with Naruto that I wouldn't have any kind of grasp on the characters or where they are now or even who is still alive.

Anyone of Naruto fan and want to do a bit of fun co-writing on the side?


It's Done!!

Yeah, you read that right -- it's done.  However, it is not back from the beta yet.  But I go on vacation for a week starting 1 June where I will not have access to the internet or electricity so it will be posted (beta-ed or not) before I leave.  Wow.  It's done.  Well, done except for that pesky Epilogue, but I'll write that while on vacation since it's short.


PP is not finished yet.  Although,  I have to say, that I'm really like this final take on Voldemort and his thoughts.  Not to mention I was making myself tear up while writing the final confrontation between him and Harry.  If I don't make a few of you guys tear up as well, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.

Now to the rambling part -- I try not to read fanfic. Shocking, I know.  Mostly because it's addicting to me and I get lost in reading it.  If I find a new genre that interests me, I'll read everything I can find.  It's how I started with Snape and Hermione.  I read a story, liked it, I found Ashwinder and then I started with the As and procedured to read through every story in the Archive until the Zs (Well, every story that interested me.  Like any reader, some stories speak more strongly than others). 

Which brings us to this past week.  Somehow or another I fell into a bit of nostalgic mood, saw a fic reference for a tv show from my childhood/teens and I have been on a reading binge.  While this will definitely show my age, I have within the past week, devoured The Wild Wild West, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Alias Smith and Jones, Adderly, and Airwolf.   I can't decide whether I'm lucky or not that these shows are so old that there isn't much fic out there on them.  Well, except for UNCLE fic, there is tons of that.

The problem is Airwolf and really, who would have thought that a cheesy Bellasario tv show from the 80s would be my downfall.  And it's not even my fault.  If someone else had written the story I wanted to read, I think I'd be fine but no one has.  I mean, there are one or two, but either they are too short or not very good or not the plot I want, because Lord knows, I want the plot along with the character development.

So I'm just going to say it  -- I want to write an Airwolf fanfic.  It's like an itch I know I can't scratch because if I do, I'm doomed.  No more fic until PP is done.  And yet . . . Caitlin and Archangel.  The plot.  The white suit.  Jealously.  Spies.  Intrigue.

cracked out on fic

The final chapter

I've always enjoyed posting the snippets.  I know that I take forever between chapters so it's a way of giving you guys something to think about while I plod my slow way through the writing.

I started looking at what was already written for the final chapter to see what bit could be posted.  There wasn't a single snippet of text I coud find that wouldn't give away the ending.  As the writing continues, I might find something, but everything is so intertwinned that any one piece will reveal how Voldemort is defeated, what happens to Harry, what happens to Severus and Hermione and the most important part -- what happens to Lil' Sev.  And while Lil' Sev is jumping the shark a little bit, his scene has been in my head for eight years and I'm going to write it, believability be damned.

So, since I can't give you a snippet, I decided I'd tell you the structure of the final chapter.  There are so many moving parts to the final chapter, that I decided that everyone gets to have their POV scene.  Although if there was multiple players, the POV is just from one person in the group.

We will see the final confrontation played out from the POV of:

  • Voldemort (to include Dumbledore)

  • Harry

  • Neville

  • Percy (to include the Twins)

  • Hermione (including Severus)

  • Augusta Longbottom

  • potentially from the POV of one of the Slytherins

As not all the scenes are written yet, is there someone in the story that you'd like to see the battle from their POV?  Something that you've wondered about that might be answered in those final scenes?  Let me know.  If it sounds interesting and can be worked in, I'll be happy to include it.  Goodness knows, you guys have been a big part of this story and the process.  Seems only fair I let you get your thoughts in before eight years of work comes to a finish.


It's DragonCon time again

Hey guys,

I know I've been MIA, but the good news is that there has been progress on the story.  The bad news is that it is time once again for that wondrous occasion that is Dragon*Con.  This means that all work stops from now until after  3 September.  Okay, better make it 4 September because there will need to be a day to re-coop from the partying.

If anyone else is going to be at DragonCon, I'd love to meet in the food court and say hello in person.  Or, you know, you can just wander the Marriott with it's around the 40,000+ plus milling people and yell, "Caeria!  Caeria!"  I promise to yell back. 



I have my very own troll.  I feel kind of privledged.  Since he/she keeps leaving anon comments, he/she is nameless.
I'm thinking of having a name the Troll contest.

I'm currently leaning toward Mathias.

Any other suggestions?


Yeah . . . part of next chapter

She wasn’t completely asleep yet when the door opened, but hovering in that in-between place between consciousness and dreams.  But the sound of the door opening was enough to send her bolting upright, her heart thumping wildly in her chest.

“Severus?”  Hermione blinked at the apparition in front of her.  Moonlight dimly lit the room and for a moment she wasn’t sure what she was seeing.  Severus stood just inside her doorway, still unbuttoned, his hair ruffled as if he’d been running his fingers through it.  Mostly, amazingly of all, Hermione could see the long, elegant lines of his feet sticking beyond the edge of his trouser legs.  She had a flash of memory to a long ago night when she’d appeared to him.  He’d asked her, “Are you real?”

She understood the question now and turned it back on him.  “Are you a dream?”

He shuffled his feet slightly, his expression something Hermione could only describe as nervousness.  “I—“  He stopped.

Hermione held her breath.

Severus moved towards the bed, a fluid grace to his steps that forced the air from her lungs.  “This is what you want?  I am truly your choice?”  The timber of his voice was low, sliding across her skin and leaving shivers in its wake.


“It is foolishness.”

Some of her tension fell away.  How could she not love this man?  “Probably.  But I may die tomorrow. You may die tomorrow.  And I find I have a new found appreciation for romance novel clichés.”

I probably should have picked a different scene but seven years is a damn long time for foreplay.  Hopefully this will tide you over until the next chapter.